Stock Code: 600258

Group Introduction

BTG Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd. (“BTG Hotels”) is a large all-encompassing publicly-listed Chinese tourism company, specializing in hotel management operations, scenic destinations and other commercial activities. Founded in February 1999, the Company has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since June 2000.

BTG Hotels owns hotel management brands including BTG-Jianguo Hotel Management Company  (BTG-JIANGUO), Zhejiang Nanyuan Holding Group Co. (BTG-NANYUAN), BTG-JINGLUN Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (BTG-JINGLUN), Beijing Shindom Chain Hotels (Shindom) and Shijiazhuang Ykinns Hotel Management Company (Ykinns). BTG Hotels operates over 170 hotels, ranging from five-star lodgings to budget accommodations and has established an operational management system of high-end, mid-range and budget hotel brands and a nationwide hotel business network.Furthermore, BTG Hotels also owns companies such as Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone.

Beijing Tourism Group (“BTG”), parent company of BTG Hotels, is the most powerfully integrated conglomerate of the Chinese hospitality industry and a top performer among China’s top 10 tourism groups.BTG's food, lodging, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment sectors cover catering, hotels, transportation, travel arrangements, commerce, scenic destinations and other travel services.BTG Hotels is a publicly-listed BTG company that focuses its efforts on expanding into the lodging sector with comprehensive support from its parent company.

Through its “Brand + Capital” strategy, BTG Hotels also continues to explore and grasp effective methods for hotel chain operations. BTG Hotels aims to balance development by creating a brand system of high-end, mid-range and budget hotel brands. In developing hotel brands, BTG Hotels achieves rapid development through the expansion of its own brands and the acquisition of hotel management companies. The majority of BTG Hotels brands are urban business hotels, though the Company also operates resorts andextended stay hotels. As a whole, the collection of hotels forms a well-rounded brand system.Meanwhile, BTG Hotels continues to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international hotel groups and multi-industry strategic partners and continues to accelerate the implementation of multi-brand strategies, drawing on advanced management operations and conducting more efficient capital operations, so as to form a sound brand system over time. The Company also continues to develop prominent brand features and an advanced brand culture to meet the individual needs of consumers with diversified brands.

BTG Hotels is responsible for the operational management of its subsidiaries, the management of its property assets and the network operations of its headquarters and subsidiaries. The Company aims to establish a tertiary regulatory system and become the first hotel enterprise within the group to realize a new Chinese service standard. In line with corporate development planning, BTG Hotels continues to increase the efficiency of its corporate management operations and elevate the value and influence of BTG Hotels brands. The Company aims to establish a property assets management and control system and enhance the programmatic and prospective nature of its annual budget for capital expenditures. It also focuses on conducting post-benefit evaluations of key projects involving operating facilities so as to ensure rational and planned property asset investments and maximize investment returns. With the goal of building a definitive network operations platform, maximizing its strengths in Big Data, and enhancing overall operational efficiency, BTG Hotels aims to publicize itself as an all-inclusive hotel brand, create a hassle-free and convenient consumer experience, and enhance the soft power of its brands.

In 2014, BTG Hotels launched the loyal customer program entitled "BTG Hotels Rewards". Within a short span of time, the program has already reached 600,000 members. To achieve its vision "Meet friends from all over the world and serve them whole-heartedly", BTG Hotels will cooperate with strategic partners from different industries and fields to launch successive services including the first member-exclusive channel in the domestic hotel industry and a private chamber cinema; a new mobile internet service platform for members; member-exclusive electric environmentally-friendly cars; and various member privileges and value-added services including a large-screen member introduction and presentation system to achieve the goal of having over one million members by the end of 2015.

In the future, BTG Hotels will adopt an approach centered around hotel brand management operations, based on the principle of "going international and creating national brands". Continuing to enhance its core competitiveness, the Company constantly improves its sustainable development and profitability so as to build the most influential and ethnically rich international hotel group in China.