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Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
Address:Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

20 kilometers southwest of Sanya, China's only tropical and coastal tourist city, stands Nanshan Mountain, the southernmost mountain on China’s continental plate, home to the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone. Since Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone opened on April 12, 1998, this little-known cultural-themed attraction has developed into one of the crown jewels of Hainan tourism. As of the end of 2012, a total of 29.21 million domestic and foreign tourists visited Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone with a total of over RMB13.91 million donated to social welfare undertakings by the tourist destination, which has successively won such state-level honors as the Chinese Tourism Priority Development Project, the China Habitat Environment Prize, National 5A Tourist Destination and National Culturally-Advanced Scenic Area, achieving sound economic, social and environmental .

The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone has a planning area of 50 square kilometers and RMB6 billion in investments with a completed core scenic destination that covers 5 square kilometers. Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, boasting unique mountain and sea landscapes and rich historical and cultural origins, is a culturally-themed attraction integrating tropical ocean scenery, Chinese Buddhist culture, longevity culture, eco-tourism and holiday getaways. Its major attractions consist of "3 parks, 1 temple, 1 valley, 1 bay and 1 district", namely, the Guanyin Culture Garden, Cihangpudu (Salvation) Garden, Good Luck Garden, Nanshan Temple, Longevity Valley, Nanshan Bay and Gate Landscape Area. Other famous scenic destinations include 108m-high Goddess of the Sea Guanyin Statue, Gold & Jade Guanyin Statue, listed in Guinness World Records, and the Temple of the Thirty-three Guanyin. The scenic attractions are equipped with first-class facilities, including catering facilities like Yuanqi Building, Chanyue Garden, and the Private Kitchen. The Nanshan's vegetarian cuisine has been named as "China's Famous Cuisine". Other facilities includethe four-star Nanshan Leisure Villa, Nanshan Hotel, Hawaii Tree House and Bamboo Grove Villa, which rank among China's "Top 10 Vacation Villas". Recreational facilities include cascading swimming pools, tennis courts, a shopping street, eco-friendly coaches, and sightseeing surrey bicycles. Travelers can also enjoy folk dancing and martial arts performed by warrior monks from the Nanshan Temple, and the Women's Han & Tan Band. All of these cover food, accommodations, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

Since the project began in 1995, the Nanshan Corporation has put forth the four philosophies of "Grand Ecology, Grand Culture, Grand Education and Grand Tourism", which have been implemented throughout the project’s planning, construction and development. Such philosophies have impressed the millions of tourists who visit Nanshan each year. Compared with many other religious tourist sites in China, the efficient implementation of the four philosophies has significantly boosted the attraction of Nanshan's resources and market.

Grand Ecology. As the first of the four philosophies, this philosophy aims to propose a new consumption pattern for travelers and encourage the protection of ecology and the environment so as to achieve the co-existence between mankind and nature. For this reason, the principle of "Environment First" is strictly adhered to throughout Nanshan construction and development. As a result, the bare mountains have become thickly-forested, where singing birds and fragrant flowers can now be found everywhere. 

Grand Culture. Culture is the soul of Nanshan. The Nanshan Corporation advocates the principle of producing cultural masterpieces and promotes the slogan of "Today's masterpiece, Tomorrow's antiquity." For instance, Nanshan Temple is not only a religious venue but a carrier of Buddhist and oriental culture.

Grand Education. The harmonious ecology and rich cultural origins will not only entertain travelersbut quench their thirst, cultivating the mind and expanding spiritual horizions and inspiring guests to value the pursuit of progress.

Grand Tourism. The "Grand Tourism" philosophy advocated by the Nanshan Corporation is to strive to create a choice cultural destination which embodies traditional Chinese culture and attracts the attention of travelers worldwide.

The efficient implementation of the four philosophies has enhanced the attraction of Nanshan's resources and market and has created a world-renown brand.

In the context of developing Hainan as an international tourist destination, Nanshan will grasp opportunities and create excellence so as to expand its business, boost its brand, improve its management, increase its efficiency and create a Buddhist "Disney". By accelerating up construction, adjusting our operational concept and improving operational efficiency, the Nanshan Corporation strives to build more core Buddhist landscapes with more high-quality participation from travelers and establish a chain of such landscapes so that travelers can pay tribute to the Buddha, enjoy their vacation, shop and have fun. By adding Buddhist business operations into its travel services, the Nanshan Corporation strives to develop Nanshan as a first-class, globally renowned multi-functional Chinese theme park.

The future Nanshan will not only be a location where travelers pay their tributes to Buddha and pray for good luck but a wonderland to free their minds. The 108m tall Goddess of the Sea Guanyin Statue located off the South China Sea not only represents its world-class status but also indicates the rise of Hainan Province in the global tourism industry.

The natural beauty and wonders of Nanshan have increasingly attracted many a tourist. Here, travelers can enjoy not only the sunshine, the blue sea, the beaches, and the tropical rain forest but can be soothed by the spiritual solace of Chinese traditional culture and can also return to our nature roots.