Stock Code: 600258


Address: 51 Fuxingmennei Ave., Beijing, China

Approved by Beijing Tourism Group, BTG Hotel Management Company was established on December 7, 2011. On March 12, 2013, approved by BTG, the brand name of BTG Hotel Management Company was officially finalized as "BTG-JINGLUN".

Focusing on providing guest rooms and conference products through an operation mode of limited service, BTG-JINGLUN hotels offer guests a convenient, comfortable and worthy lodging experience. Most importantly, "Family" is the core service concept of BTG-JINGLUN brand.

The stylish and minimalistic lobbies, convenient and comfortable guest rooms, distinct multifunctional café, the meeting rooms, mini-gyms, and self-services embody the hotels' fitting and smooth layouts and stylish and convenient style, cleverly and effectively combining China’s oriental elements and modern fashion technology. The hotels' uniqueness is also reflected in the distinct and family-style takeout windows of the "Jinglun Kitchen".

BTG-JINGLUN,specializing in hotel franchising management,is committed to combining internationally advanced hotel construction and management philosophy with China's national and market characteristics. Through the most advanced and most professional consulting and discretionary management services, the hotel provides investors with services like pre-planning, preparations, opening and after-operations and management, providing owners with broader prospects and more investment returns.

BTG-JINGLUN, which has a strong management team on the basis of its eight operational support systems, has established a sound hotel quality management system and has developed high-quality professional services and efficient and professional marketing strategies. Thus, BTG-JINGLUN can fully ensure the standardization and quality of member hotels and become a strong brand owner that customers trust.

BTG-JINGLUN, Relax in the City.