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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships refer to the practice in which BTG Hotels establishes strategic cooperation with enterprises in the same industry and carries out comprehensive exchanges and collaboration, including the sharing of customer bases, market analysis exchanges, establishment of brand alliances, capital operation interaction, business innovation communication and human resource building and sharing.

Entrusted Management

Entrusted management refers to the partnership in which hotel management companies accept the entrustment of developers and investors to carry out comprehensive management. Hotel management companies sign discretionary hotel management contracts with developers and investors (or property owners). Hotel management companies send hotel operations and management teams led by the general manager to carry out discretionary hotel management of entrusted hotels by utilizing their specialties and advantages. That is, hotel management companies are responsible for the operational results of entrusted hotels and earn entrusted management fees according to the business performance of these hotels. Also, if the entrusted hotel assets are superior, hotel management hotels can earn discretionary management rights after investing in these hotels.

Success Stories

BTG-Jianguo "JIANGUO" Hotel Brands Jianguo Hotel Beijing

Jianguo Hotel Beijing, founded in 1982, is China's first joint-venture hotel and also the only garden-style hotel in the Beijing CBD, a green home away from home for travelers. The hotel's interior design integrates traditional and modern style with elegance. The hotel, with low-floor rooms, waterside pavilions and tree-lined backyards, provides various comfortable and complete hospitality facilities.

Jianguo Hotel Beijing, adjacent to the Jianguo Menwai Embassy District, is located in the center of the CBD, ideal for both business andsightseeing. The hotel is just a 1-minute walk from the subway station and only a 3-minute walk from the well-known Silk Market, a 10-minute drive from Tiananmen Square and a 20-minute ride from the Beijing Capital Airport.

Although the hotel is located in the upscale central business district, all of Jianguo Hotel Beijing's 452 guest rooms adopt a low-floor design, which brings each guest sufficient green surroundings and sunshine.

The hotel's rooms are spacious, comfortable, well-equipped and up to international standards, featuring business rooms, executive rooms and deluxe business suites. The hotel also has a wide range of service facilities, including IDD lines, free Wi-Fi, well-equipped business centers, and 24-hour room service. The rooms are equipped with satellite TVs, coffee and tea machines, mini bars, private safes, irons and ironing boards and hair dryers.

Guangzhou Jianguo Hotel, Guangdong

Guangzhou Jianguo Hotel, a five-star boutique and deluxe business hotel located in the Tianhe District commercial center, is BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts' flagship hotel in South China. The hotel is adjacent to the Guangzhou East Railway Station (the terminus of direct coaches that link Guangzhou to Kowloon, Hong Kong and the train terminus that links Guangzhou to Dongguan and Shenzhen), the terminuses of Metro Line 1 and Line 3 and the Bus terminus. The hotel is just a 20-minute walk away from the Bazhou International Conference and Exhibition Center where the Canton Fair is held. It is also adjacent to Citic Plaza, Yaozhong Plaza, Zhongtai Plaza, Dongfang Baotai Shopping Mall, IKEA and "Tianhe Piaojuan", one of Guangzhou’s Eight Scenic Spots.

The hotel has 403 deluxe rooms and suites, each of which is equipped with free broadband Internet access and Wi-Fi. The hotel also houses elegant Chinese, western and Japanese-style restaurants and bars, offering various delicacies and hospitable services. The hotel's eight multifunctional conference rooms canaccommodate all types of activities for 20 to 300 people. The hotel also has a business centre, lobby teahouse, salon, spa, and recreation centre, including an outdoor swimming pool, a chess & cards room, a billiards room, a table tennis room, and a fitness room and sauna.

Xi'an Jianguo Hotel, Shanxi

Xi'an Jianguo Hotel, located near the flyover of the East Second Ring Huzhu Road, is BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts' flagship hotel in Northwest China. The hotel is a garden-style hotel with lakeview courtyards integrating accommodations, catering, conferences and recreation. The hotel is adjacent to universities such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an University of Technology, as well as the Fourth Military Medical University and Xingqing Park and Changle Park. As a result, the hotel enjoys a rich cultural atmosphere. The hotel is 45 kilometers away from Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and offers airport shuttle services. The hotel is only a 15-minute drive from the downtown area, Xi'an Railway Station, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and Datang Furong Garden. The hotel is also only a 5-minute drive from the Eastern Commodity Market, Lifeng International Shopping Plaza and other shopping, catering, and recreational venues.

The hotel has sound service facilities, including 622 comfortable rooms, 4 restaurants offering various cuisines, and a variety of medium and small conference rooms and banquet halls.

The hotel also houses a variety of fitness and recreational facilities. Xi'an Jianguo Hotel won favorable reviews from numerous customers for its superior and convenient location, convenient surroundings, sound service facilities, and excellent brand services. The hotel is ideal for business travel, holiday getaways, banquets, and meetings.

Zhenzhou Kaifu Jianguo Hotel, Henan

Zhenzhou Kaifu Jianguo Hotel, invested in and constructed by Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport's Kaifu Investment Management Co., Ltd., is a five-star oriental garden-style hotel designed with foreign customers in mind, under thediscretionary management of BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts. The hotel is located in Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, within walking distance of the airport lounge. With an area of 130 acres, the hotel is a garden-style building full of oriental charm, featuring 173 deluxe rooms of different types, all of which are nobly and elegantly decorated. The luxuriously decorated Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant and the eleven distinctive-styled deluxe banquet suites are ideal for catering needs. The restaurant offers birds' nest, abalone, shark fin and high-end Cantonese cuisine, with an aim to create a perfect tasteful and visual feast. The pillarless 10-meter-high Xuanyuan Hall has an area of 480 square meters and is an imposing building, stately and elegantly decorated. The hotel's VIP meeting room and VIP reception hall can meet customer needs for various types of meetings. Modern hotel facilities like the Garden Café, lobby bar and business center are ideal for business, meetings, travel and leisure.

Wuhan Tieqiao Jianguo Hotel, Hubei

Wuhan Tieqiao Jianguo Hotel, invested in and constructed by Hubei Tieqiao Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., is a high-end business hotel under the discretionary management of BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts. The hotel, located in the Wangjiawan business center on Hanyang Avenue, Wuhan, is adjacent to the Wuhan Economic and Technology Development Zone, just five kilometers away from the Wuhan Plaza Business Circle and eight kilometers away from the Hankou Railway Station. The hotel is also less than a 30-minute drive away from Tianhe Airport, Wuhan Railway Station, the Huanghe Tower, Guqintai, the Gui Yuan Temple, Qintai Theatre, Dunkou Sports Center, and the Wuhan Metro International Expo Center. Thus, the hotel enjoys convenient transportation and a desirable location. 

The hotel, with a total of 24 floors, features 272 deluxe business rooms, including the Business Floor, Deluxe Floor and Executive VIP Floor. All rooms, spacious, comfortable, luxurious, andelegant, invite guests to a comfortable travel experience. The high-end and elegant Executive Lounge provides exclusive facilities and services for the Executive VIP Floor and ensures undisturbed personal space. The hotel has six conference rooms of different sizes and a multifunctional hall. The noble and elegant international conference center is equipped with advanced facilities and can accommodate international conferences for nearly 350 people. Whether for business meetings or large banquets, Wuhan Tieqiao Jianguo Hotel's professional conference team offer customers high-quality and perfect services according to their different needs.

Wudangshan Jianguo Hotel, Hubei

Wudangshan Jianguo Hotel is located at the foot of Wudang Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, China National Scenic Area, and a prestigious Taoist cultural shrine, just 50 meters away from the Wudangshan ticket hall. Invested in and constructed by Hubei Wudangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., the hotel, under discretionary management of BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts, is a five-star conference and resort hotel. With a total area of 9,400 square meters and a floor area of 28,000 square meters, the hotel features a Chinese and western restaurant, a conference hall, an 800-square-meter multifunctional hall, 248 distinctive rooms and a spa center.

With its main building perched atop Wudang Mountain, the hotel integrates itself perfectly with the mountain's mysterious and ethereal natural environment, embodying the Taoist harmonious maxim the "unity of heaven and man". By integrating Wudang Mountain's historical and cultural elements with modern style, the hotel creates a comfortable and inviting natural space.

In Wudangshan Jianguo Hotel, with each breath, customers can feel the freshness and naturalness of Wudang Mountain, a natural oxygen bar. When returning to the hotel, guests are greeted with our most sincere smile and most attentive services. At nightfall, the ergonomic and healthy beddings and cotton products invite guests to a sound and blissful sleep amidst to the soft hum of nature. When waking in the morning, enjoy not only the warm dawn sunshine and the soft singing of birds, but BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts' "Best Breakfast". In the Jianguo Western Restaurant, surrounded by lush forests, guests can sit beside the window and enjoy a healthy and natural breakfast. While dining, guests can also appreciate the warm sunshine, the small schools fish swimming in the pond and droves of downy ducklings. Our breakfast delivers delicious and healthy food options. Guests can fully appreciate what a healthy life really means while enjoying natural comfort.

We sincerely welcome guests to spend yet another perfect moment of life in Wudangshan Jianguo Hotel. We look forward to your visit and promise to offer our consistent quality services and welcome you with sincerity and kindness.


BeijingYong'an Hotel

Beijing Yong'an Hotel, located on the East Third Ring Road of Beijing, north of Beijing’s central business district, is adjacent to the National Agricultural Exhibition Center and the Embassy District. With abundant choices of office buildings, high streets, shopping streets and food courts, the hotel is perfect for business travel or vacations.

Beijing Yong'an Hotel, consisting of five main buildings, ,features 530 rooms, including high-end standard rooms, high-end suites, business standard rooms, business suites, apartments and four-bed rooms, all of which are equipped with free access to the broadband network, daily room cleaning and sufficient guest supplies. The hotel has complete business facilities and all public spaces have free access to a WiFi network. With a desirable location, convenient transportation and comfortable environment, the hotel is ideal for business activities in Beijing. The hotel also offers complete catering facilities, including the scenic courtyard café, Chinese and western cafeterias (24-hour room service) and the unique flavors of the Suiyuan and Huaiyang Chinese Restaurants. With high-end and authentic cuisine, warm services, a quiet and private environment, all catering facilities offer customers a unique experience combining warmth and elegance. Yong'an Hotel has over ten meeting rooms that can accommodate various meetings for 10-160 people. With its elegant and quiet rooms, considerate and thoughtful banquet services and complete facilities, the hotel has won praise and love from numerous businesses people. In addition, Yong'an Hotel also features a fitness room (in Building 2), a billiards room (in Building 2), a teahouse (in Building 18), a hair salon (in Building 1), a supermarket (in Building 2), a business centre (in Building 4), a ticket-booking center (in Building 5) and a rear parking lot. All of these bring great convenience to customer offering food, accommodations, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

As a high-end courtyard hotel, Yong'an Hotel has elegantly decorated guest rooms and other related facilities. The hotel's backyard features perfect greenery and high vegetation coverage so that guests can appreciate the beauty of the seasons. In summer, guests can even taste coffee while viewing the fancy carps, rockscapes and mini waterfall in the courtyard terrace.

Chong Wen Men Hotel Beijing

The Chong Wen Men Hotel is a three-star business hotel which integrates guest rooms, business and catering services. Located at the bustling Chong Wen Men crossroads, the hotel is just a stone's throw from the Ming City Wall Ruins Park, one kilometer from the Beijing Railway Station, just a five-minute drive from Tiananmen Square, and sits across the street from the "Golden Street", the Wangfujing commercial district. The hotel is also within walking distance of the Temple of Heaven park and is accessible via Metro Line 2, Metro Line 5 and several bus lines. Additionally, it is eight kilometers away from the entrance of the Airport Expressway. Thus, the hotel enjoys convenient transportation and a unique geographical location.

With its over three hundred warm and comfortable guest rooms of various sizes and fast and convenient business and conference services, the Chong Wen Men Hotel has hosted numerous domestic and overseas guests. The hotel has won commendations from numerous customers for its desirable location, convenient transportation, sound service facilities and excellent services.

We strongly recommending that guests visit the Maxim Restaurant, a century-old French brand located on the hotel's second floor. The restaurant, founded in 1983, is Beijing's first jointly-ventured restaurant and enjoys a good reputation. The restaurant has also been frequented by dignitaries and celebrities. With its luxurious and romantic French expatriates and authentic cuisine, the Maxim Restaurant offers an unforgettable experience. The restaurant also prepares a nutritious Chinese and western breakfast buffet, including over 70 different dishes to satisfy all appetites.

Integrating the history and modern culture of the ancient Chong Wen Men, the Chong Wen Men Hotel sincerely welcomes business and leisure customers at home and abroad with its graceful and hospitable services.

Beijing Rainbow Hotel

Rainbow Hotel, located in the Tianqiao Performance Area, is a culturally-themed hotel based on the Tianqiao culture, integrating accommodations, catering, conferences and entertainment. At Rainbow Hotel, guests can enjoy not only the noble and elegant guest rooms, distinctive restaurants and well-equipped meeting rooms, but can taste, enjoy, and appreciate the grace of Tianqiao culture.

"Taste" refers to Beijing cuisine, imperial cuisine and a sampling of Beijing-style snacks offered at the Tianqiao Yuanshifu Restaurant, featuring three independent private rooms - Fuchang Street, Shouchang Street and Luchang Street, originating from the three renowned neighborhoods that surround the hotel. In this restaurant, guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines and appreciate the charm of dining culture.

"Enjoy" refers to Tianqiaofang, a cultural shrine for Beijing's traditional crafts and works of well-known painters and calligraphers. Here, tourists can not only experience the joy of making a variety of handicrafts but can also appreciate the numerous works of prestigious painters and calligraphers.

"Appreciation" refers to the Tianqiao Dream Theater which integrates the traditional leisure and entertainment with multi-functional performing arts, an ideal location for tourists to appreciate Tianqiao's traditional folk art performances.

"Grace" refers to Zhonghuahui Club, a business club which is characterized by its distinctive style and unique design. The club owns four themed private rooms: Peace Room, Smooth Room, Luck Room and Harmony Room. Its interior decorations are chic, fine, elegant and stylish.

The club is an ideal location for tourists to learn about Beijing's traditional culture, charm and Tianqiao's folk art.

Shindom's "SHINDOM" brand

Beijing Far East Hotel

Beijing Far East Hotel, founded in 1993, is one of the few Chinese Time-honored Brands in Beijing's hotel industry. Far East Hotel offers accommodations, catering and entertainment. With a floor area of nearly 10,000 square meters, the hotel is located at 90 Tieshuxie Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, along the capital's most prosperous Liulichang Culture Street. The hotel is just one kilometer away from Tiananmen Square and within walking distance of Dashilan Street. Thus, the hotel enjoys a desirable location and convenient transportation.

As a green and environmentally friendly hotel, the hotel is equipped with non-smoking rooms and non-smoking areas. Currently, the hotel features 159 guest rooms, including deluxe suites, standard rooms and budget rooms. All rooms are equipped with central air conditioning, IDD telephones, cable TV, broadband Internet access and mini refrigerators. The hotel also features a multi-functional entertainment hall, meeting rooms, a booking center for airline and train tickets, hair salons, Chinese-style western restaurants, self-catering kitchens and a Laundromat, an ideal destination for warmth,comfort and convenience.

In March 2001, the hotel opened its International Youth Hostel in its northern courtyard, becoming one of the first members of the International Youth Hostel Association in Beijing and even in China. With several years' practice and experience, this sector has witnessed significant developments. Mr. Yu Changjiang, Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Tourism, wrote an inscription on a plaque above the hotel, which reads "Home for Youth Across the World". With coverage by several radio and TV station and newspaper agencies in Beijing, the hotel's visibility increased day by day. In recent years, the hotel has hosted tourists from over 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, Japan, France, Russia, South Korea and Australia and has won their praise and commendations. Tourists can apply for a membership card for the International Youth Hostel, with which they can book rooms around the world.

In order to expand the business of its International Youth Hostel, the hotel fully renovated its interior in November 2007 and November 2010. The hotel also continues to improve its hardware facilities and reception capabilities and adheres to the principle of "self-catering, health and security", with an aim to highlight the local residential culture in the building's decorations, the well-equipped services and the principle of "being customer-oriented". Far East Hotel and its International Youth Hostel await your arrival!