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Franchise Operation Management

Franchising refers to the practice in which hotel management companies confer their own trademarks (including service marks), trade names, products, patents and proprietary technology and business models to member hotels by signing franchise contracts. In this unified business model, member hotels are operated under the provisions of the contract and pay corresponding fees to the hotel management company.

Success Stories

BTG-Jianguo "JIANGUO" Hotel Brands

Kangcheng Jianguo International Hotel, Xinjiang

Lodge in Kangcheng Jianguo International Hotel and experience Loulan culture.Kangcheng Jianguo International Hotel is a five-star comprehensive hotel integrating accommodations, catering, entertainment, bodybuilding, conferences and business activities. Xinjiang Kangda Industrial Group Co., Ltd. invests in and entrusts BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts, a well-known Chinese professional hotel management company, to manage this hotel. "Going international and creating national brands" is the hotel's philosophy and vision.

The hotel, with a business area of 43,000 square meters, is located in Korla's most distinctive and prosperous district, adjacent to Youhao Shopping Center. With this location, the hotel enjoys convenient traffic. The hotel has 322 sets of fashionably designed, elegant and comfortable, distinctive rooms. It also houses various restaurants like the western self-service Peacock Café, the deluxe and upscale Kongdagong Restaurant, the highly local Ed Royce Muslim Restaurant, the Maqam Food Street and Shishen Hotpot. All restaurants provide guests with appealing, delicious and nutritious feasts.

The hotel is equipped with complete and advanced facilities. All multifunctional banquet halls and five well-equipped conference rooms provide guests with simultaneous interpretation services and are ideal for international conferences and business talks. The fashionable and romantic International Club has 32 luxury suites with first-class and professional audio equipment, computerized ordering and hospitality services. The swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam bath and various types of massage services will bring guests a more relaxing travel experience. In addition, hotel members can also enjoy unique private spaces.

Since its founding, the hotel has been growing and prospering based on its philosophies of honesty, hospitality, initiatives, efficiency, consideration for others and a readiness to remediate. The advanced "8S principles" have promoted the growth of the hotel and have won national prizes like the "China Hotel Starlight Award" and "China Hotel Gold Star Award". The hotel also won the "Pearl Capital Top 10 Travel Enterprises" on November 16.

Kangcheng Jianguo International Hotel offers guests a new experience in line with international standards. Focusing on "serving hotel operations", the hotel will fully implement security management under the principles of "unified leadership, teamwork and full participation among all employees". Aiming to strengthen and promote the morality, discipline, courtesy, responsibility and services of employees, the hotel offers guests personal, considerate and perfected services, for satisfaction and unexpected pleasures.

Direct Management

Direct management refers to the practice in which hotel management companies acquire the property management rights of member hotels by investing (including owning, holding and shareholding) or leasing and then operating these hotels with their own trademarks (including service marks), trade names, products, patents, proprietary technology and business models.

Success Stories

Shindom "SHINDOM" Hotel Brands

Shindom Jianguomen Hotel, Beijing

Shindom Jianguomen Hotel is located on 12 Jianhuanan Avenue, Jianwai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The hotel is in the Jianguomen Business Center, south of Beijing Radio, east of Scitech Plaza, west of the Friendship Department Store and the Silk Street and west of the LG Twin Towers, SOHO Modern City, the Wanda Plaza, China Central Place, and 300 meters away from the East Chang'an Avenue. North of the hotel is the Tongyong River, a royal river with a centuries’ old history.

The hotel has 105 guest rooms, including suites, standard rooms, queen rooms, digital rooms, triple rooms, and business suites and the hotel’s restaurants can accommodate over forty guests. Guest rooms are equipped with free access to the broadband network, central air conditioning, color TVs, IDD telephones, private bathrooms, 24-hour hot water services, a unified fire spray system, electronic locks and smoke detectors. The hotel also offers budget rooms and business day rooms.

Shindom Jianguomen Hotel is ideal for public duties, meetings, business and entertainment.

Hebei Shindom Tangshan Jianshenan Road Hotel

Shindom Tangshan Jianshenanlu Hotel is located on 46 Jianshenan Road (Hualianfu Road) Tangshan City, Hebei Province, at the intersection of Xinhua Road and Jianshe Road, the two main thoroughfares of Tangshan City, the gateway to the Nanhu Ecological Park. The hotel enjoys convenient traffic, adjacent to Tangshan Station and the Long-distance Bus Terminal and a walk’s distance from the Tangshan Shibo Square, the Department Store, Tangshan Pedestrian Street, Sanli International, and the Wanda Plaza; the hotel is also close to Hebei United University (500 meters), Tangshan Workers' Hospital (500 meters), Earthquake Memorial Square (400 meters), Dazhao Park (400 meters) and Nanhu Park (1000 meters). The hotel has 100 guest rooms, including offices, long-term rooms and recreational rooms.

Adhering to the policy of "satisfying clients and creating a home for guests" and based on the principles of "honesty, guests first, high quality and comfort and continuous improvement", Shindom strives to create a warm and comfortable home for Chinese and foreign guests alike. Focusing on cleanliness, convenience, economy, comfort and security, Shindom offers guests fast, convenient, attentive, considerate and standard services. Shindom is ideal for your business, travel and recreation.


Consulting refers to the practice in which hotel management companies provide hotel developers (or property owners) and operators and managers with hotel management consulting and related services, including pre-project planning, brand development guidance, hotel opening support, pre-opening marketing, orientation program development, engineering and information technology services, operations and quality management support, counseling and training for owners' operations, human resource consultation and program development, financial and revenue management counseling, and staff training.

Success Stories 

Qiandao Lake Runhe Jianguo Resort, Zhejiang 

Qiandao Lake Runhe Jianguo Resort, located on Menggu Road of Qiandao Lake, is adjacent to the tourism wharf of Qiandao Lake, facing the center of the lake, west of Menggutang Cultural Park, with an area of approximately 45,000 square meters. With such a location, the hotel enjoys convenient traffic and majestic scenery.

The hotel has 302 deluxe guest rooms, all of which are equipped with tropical rain showerheads, Internet broadband services, LCD TVs, satellite and cable TVs, domestic/international long distance calls, electronic safes, stylish iPod audio equipment and other amenities. Most rooms also have independent balconies where guests can enjoy the lake's scenery and the cozy and warm sunshine.

Invite your friends and family members to lodge in the hotel close to the scenic lake and experience first-class conference facilities, the fascinating lakefront and recreational get-togethers. All these opportunities offer guests unforgettable experiences. The Runhe Banquet Hall, covering an area of 660 square meters, has six medium-sized conference rooms of 46-160 square meters, all of which are equipped with advanced lighting and audio facilities, a high-speed wireless network, flexible layouts and fully-equipped facilities. The Hall can house various kinds of meetings for 20 to 400 people and different kinds of exhibitions and shows to meet the needs of customers. The hotel's outdoor swimming pool and garden is ideal for all types of business gatherings, cocktail parties, and wedding receptions. The consistent "JIANGUO" commissioner-style services for meetings, highly creative and innovative ideas and full participation in the conference planning ensure the perfect and efficient operation of meetings, small and large, themed parties and romantic wedding receptions.

The hotel's distinctive catering facilities like the Jianguo Chinese Restaurant, Boutique Restaurant, Qianyue Café, and the Wantian Lobby Bar provide guests with a variety of choices, including delicious cuisine, beautiful scenery, and good wine. All restaurants face the rippling waters of Qiandao Lake and silhouette the mountain peaks, letting guests appreciate the lake and rolling hills while drinking fresh coffee and dining on Peking duck. The hotel's pristine lakefront offers a comfortable fishing experience. Here, fishers can enjoy the clear waters and soft breeze. The hotel also has facilities for holiday getaways and activates like yachts, indoor swimming pools, fitness rooms, spas, tennis courts, chess, poker, and karaoke rooms, where travelers can relax their body and mind.