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Responsibilities to Employees

BTG Hotels bears in mind its responsibility to its staff, advocating a relaxing and dedicated work atmosphere and aiming to create more jobs for the community while expanding its business and increasing its results. BTG Hotels has also planned promising career prospects for its staff.

In line with the Labor Law and Labor Contract Law of the PRC, BTG Hotels has developed an employment system and personnel management system covering recruitment, training, appraisals, rewards and punishments and has signed job contracts with its staff. BTG Hotels also participates in various social security systems and has fully paid corresponding fees. Thus, all BTG Hotels staff enjoy pensions, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance.

BTG Hotels attaches great importance to the management of the health and security of its staff and has established sound systems and allocated sufficient budgets. Additionally, BTG Hotels regularly arranges physical exams for staff, especially female staff.