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BTG Hotels

BTG Hotels

BTG Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BTG Hotels”)

Industrial Agglomeration

BTG, parent company of BTG Hotels, is the most powerful comprehensive travel and hospitality group in China, holding stakes in or controlling nearly 300 companies. BTG's 1600+ subsidiaries have formed a strategic network both at home and abroad. BTG's food, lodging, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment sectors cover catering, hotels, transportation, travel arrangements, commerce, scenic destinations and other travel services with which BTG can provide comprehensive business support.

Capital Operations

BTG Hotels is a large publicly listed Chinese company with deep pockets, sound capital operations, and rich experience in hotel investments and financing. Thus, BTG Hotels has a superior business performance beyond that of other listed companies within the industry.

Brand Development

BTG Hotels owns three renowned Chinese hotel management brands: BTG-Jianguo Hotels & Resorts, BTG-JINGLUN Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shindom Chain Hotels. BTG Hotels has created and developed its own brands - JIANGUO, JINGLUN and SHINDOM, forming a high-end, mid-range and budget brand system. In the future, BTG Hotels will focus on implementing hotel brand operations and management, continue to improve its brand system and introduce internationally renowned management brands. BTG Hotels also strives to build its own management brands and meet the individual needs of consumers with diversified brands.

Customer Base Support

BTG Hotels provides global real-time reservations via its central reservation system and has implemented its customer loyalty program "BTG Hotels Rewards" in order to increase its customers base.

Human Resources

BTG Hotels has nurtured and brought together many experienced, diligent, dedicated and aggressive professional management teams while also establishing a system of competition,incentives and constraints.

Technical Standards

BTG Hotels has established its brand quality system, standard system, and auditing and monitoring system to comprehensively manage and control the service standards, service procedures and service quality of member hotels.

Chain Operations

Overseeing over 100 various hotels, ranging from five-star lodgings to budget accommodations, BTG Hotels has instructed its hotel management companies to adopt modern marketing, operations and human resources and other management systems, which have formed a nationwide business network to help management hotels improve business performance.