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Why Choose BTG-Hotels

Our Vision:

to build the most influential and ethnically rich international hotel group in China.

Our Mission:

to continue to explore and grasp effective methods for hotel chain operations, meet the individual needs of consumers with diversified brands, implement chain operations to improve the operating efficiency of our hotels and produce healthy results, thereby achieving the sustainable development of BTG Hotels.

Our Core Ideology:

to go international by creating national brands and practicing “Chinese Service”.

Our Corporate Values:

We are people-oriented and value integrity, efficiency and innovation.

With a focus on the operational management of hotel brands, BTG Hotels carries out its “Brand + Capital” strategy, drawing on international brand management operations. Through more efficient capital operations, BTG Hotels continues to expand its own brands and form a sound brand system, prominent brand features and an advanced brand culture, thus enhancing its core competitiveness, sustainable development and profitability. As a result, BTG Hotels will be known as a publicly-listed company that commits itself to social responsibility. In particular, through restructuring, BTG Hotels acquired a large number of various professionals with rich experience in hotel operations and management, creating extremely favorable conditions for the operation and management of hotel brands.

We sincerely invite you to join BTG Hotels in creating a promising future with us.